MindOH! At Home Series: Helping You Help Your Child

Everyone could use a little help, especially parents

You can tell your child what you know is right, trying to make their lives easier and more successful. Unfortunately children are not always motivated to hear what parents say. 


Fortunately, because children are very motivated to hear what their peers say and to work on computers, we have a solution that could help. See how a parent like you describes how MindOH!’s At Home Series helped her help her child.


The MindOH! At Home Life Skills Series™ is designed for children to address universal challenges such as making choices, achieving goals, and dealing with conflict. These modules walk children through a process, guide them to complete the interactive activities, and demonstrate how lessons learned are applicable to real life.


Our research-based set of online modules combine interacting with older, more successful peers through a computer. Use our family oriented activity worksheets to create a structured, supportive interaction between you and your child. According to experts, the more you practice talking with your child about smaller or daily issues as they arise, the easier it is to tackle the larger issues when emotions are heightened.


Results are impressive. Where 80% of children typically deny any responsibility for their misbehavior, after experiencing our 20-minute What’s Up module, 80% accept responsibility and offer to make amends. This miracle can help you help your child. o:p>


By helping your child communicate better with you when they get in trouble at home you could prevent them from getting into trouble at school. Let the MindOH! At Home Series help your child begin respectful and responsible habits of communication that will last a lifetime.  

Put this program in your home and you'll instantly:

»Take the stress out of tackling tough teen issues
»Help your child willingly make wiser choices
»Increase child’s time on academic tasks
»Know more of what's on your child's mind
»Improve respect communication with your child

For as little as $5/month you can have this nationally recognized Series in your home. Order now!

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