Our Belief
MindOH! believes all students have within them the inner resources necessary for the development of strong character and a healthy self-concept. MindOH! products promote core virtues such as respect, responsibility, honesty,fairness, and caring which transcend religious and cultural differences and express our common humanity. Our programs support teachers, parents and caregivers, and the learning community in a collective effort to empower our youth to become responsible and caring citizens of the global community
"I work in education reform, and I tell people all the time, "schools won't be fixed until society is fixed, because the same problems are present in both." MindOH! is helping to make people whole, and from there, anything is possible. It is increasingly evident that humanity requires a human group-approach to solving our problems, MindOH! brings the human touch to life for kids."

Cally Robin Wolk

Parent and Educator, RI
"Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that's real power."

Clint Eastwood

"Technology can't replace individual human contact, but these tools create breakthroughs in ways where a child becomes more comfortable, thus more open to meaningful dialogue with adults...this new and innovative way to help more children acquire a healthy self-concept."

Jean Gilstrap

M.D., Psychiatrist, Osage Beach, MO

"I think projects, programs, that give children a chance to articulate what they’re feeling, and in this case, to do it at a time when they’re finding it very hard to not be emotional about what’s happening with them is a very positive thing. I think it was very important that [the students] talked about the fact that once they had used [MindOH!], they never got in trouble again, they never had to come back and use it again. That says that it made them think about what they had done and that’s the most critical thing with middle school kids – it’s getting them to think about their actions, be more reflective about them, and here they have a tool to help them do that."

Dr. Susan Sclafani

Vice President of Programs, Pearson Foundation