Reduce your In-School-Suspension referrals by as much as 50% and increase time on academic tasks!
The MindOH! Discipline and Life Skills Series™ (DLSS) is an interactive Web-based system that addresses situation-specific needs of students with discipline issues. MindOH!'s streaming multi-media programs and extensive collection of situation-specific worksheets reflect cognitive psychology principles that reduce resistance to change. The practical techniques successfully engage students to confront themselves, their attitude, behavior and the results they want to produce in their lives.
No other product, service, or system addresses discipline issues with these design functions:

  •          Student Incident Report documentation

  •          Three Web-based discipline modules
             Three Web-based life skills modules
             99 infraction specific activity worksheets
             Real-time database
             More than 100 lesson plans regarding virtues for success
             Automated emails or letters for parents

Profound effects of the Student Incident Report

•    80% of students report it was their fault      and were willing to make amends.  

•    Administrative conferences with      students who have taken responsibility      for their actions and recommended      amends promote productive dialogue      between Administrators and students.

•    Both of these transformative results      are unprecedented in the area of      school discipline

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